• Image of Moguu / Blue
  • Image of Moguu / Blue
  • Image of Moguu / Blue

Package includes;

• 30x42 cm Moguu (12x16.5 inches)
• 10x12 cm Moguu Storie Book with illustrations (4x4.8 inches)
• 8x8 cm Moguu Artwork / Postcard (3.14x3.14 inches)
• 8x8 cm Moguu Sticker! (3.14x3.14 inches)

handmade with love

From Bigados to London:
An Adventure of Sound

Moguu was born as the single child of a Bigados family in 1884. He is a researcher and a musician. Moguu’s huge teeth and unique shape led people to fret him, and as a result, he has not been accepted to any schools. Instead of discouraging him, this has motivated him, and his ambition to learn has never weaned. He is always curious, asks questions and learns, and as he learns more, he gets more motivated to help those around him.

Moguu didn’t have a lot of friends when he was a child. Whenever he was alone, he spent time by the water and in the woods, and he embraced the sounds of water, birds, and other animals. Through these experiences, he became interested and started his research on sounds.

Moguu traveled to Istanbul on his own in 1897, when he heard that a famous chemist named Della Suda Faik Pasha brought in to his pharmacy a gramophone. He arrived at the pharmacy in Beyoğlu, walked in, and spent his whole savings of one ‘kuruş’ to listen to a Polka song named Enclume. He was so impressed by the sound that he first decided to work as an apprentice with the pharmacist. Later he met an American sound technician by the name of Darby, whom he witnessed recording sounds in the town of Eminönü. This event changed his life.

Moguu found out that Darby worked for the record label, named The Gramophone Company, and that the owner of the company was Emile Berliner, who held the patent for gramophone. He and Darby together accomplished the first recording project in Istanbul. Moguu, who enjoyed recording and listening to albums, traveled to London where the company was headquartered. He attracted the attention of Emile Berliner with his successful recordings and his interest in sound, and he became a close friend and business partner to Berliner. Thanks to Moguu’s efforts, the company became a respected brand throughout the world, especially in Europe. In 1910, the name of the label was changed to be His Master’s Voice. The legend is that Moguu was the inspiration behind the company’s new logo, a dog listening to a gramophone.

Moguu disappeared during the four-year World War that started in 1914. Not understanding why people would fight and having no tolerance to war sounds, Moguu left London with all his recordings. For a long time, no one has heard from Moguu and no one knew where he was.

Moguu returned to Bigados in 1980’s and met the love of his life. Moguu loves traveling, recording sounds, listening to music, reading and having stories read to him. He now lives with his wife and two kids on the Kangaroo Island of Australia.

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