• Image of Dino / Punk Green&Orange
  • Image of Dino / Punk Green&Orange
  • Image of Dino / Punk Green&Orange

Package includes;

• 20x30 cm Dino (8 x12 inches)
• 10x12 cm Dino Storie Book with illustrations (4x4.8 inches)
• 8x8 cm Dino Artwork / Postcard (3.14x3.14 inches)
• 8x8 cm Dino Sticker! (3.14x3.14 inches)

handmade with love

Last of its kind

Although it is approximately 276 years old, Dino feels like it is only 12. As the only surviving dinosaur, Dino is the only remaining representative of its species. However, Dino’s characteristics are quite different from the dinosaurs that we know about.

Dino is one of the smallest of dinosaurs, with a height of 30 cm and head-length of 23 cm. All you see from a front view is a huge head with two feet. Its brain is five times larger than an average dinosaur’s. It is very bright and intelligent. Its intelligence helped it become a master in hiding. Dino can change its color like a chameleon and can also change the shape of its eyes. It walks on its two feet and can run very fast. It has a large nose and a great sense of smell. It is an herbivore and can tear plants easily with its front teeth.

Thanks to all its unique characteristics and skills; i.e. evading predators, hiding, and pretending to be dead, Dino has been able to survive numerous life-threatening situations and has eventually become immortal. There are no fossils for its specifies to be found because Dino is one of a kind. As a result, no literature has been developed about Dino.

As the dawn of human race became inevitable, Dino has become afraid, and it has chosen to watch their evolution and development from a distance. Over the centuries, it befriended and lived around only those humans who loved and protected nature.

Dino is cute. Dino is full of love and fun. Dino does not like swimming. It likes traveling, especially on shoulders of its favorite human friends. It enjoys watching DVDs and movies at home, hiding behind pillows. It likes being pet on its spiked back-plates. During play, it enjoys being lifted up by its feet the most.

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