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  • Image of Diego Red&Yellow
  • Image of Diego Red&Yellow

Package includes;

• 26x35 cm Diego X 2 (10x13 inches)
• 10x12 cm Diego Storie Book with illustrations X 2(4x4.8 inches)
• 8x8 cm Diego Artwork X 2 / Postcard (3.14x3.14 inches)
• 8x8 cm Diego Sticker! X 2 (3.14x3.14 inches)

handmade with love


Diego is a 525-year old adventurer and explorer. Its planet of origin is unknown, but Diego is definitely not from this world.

The Genoese sailor and explorer Christopher Columbus passed through the Bermuda Triangle in 1492 during his voyage to San Salvador. It was already known to many that unexplainable events occurred in the Bermuda Triangle. Captains of ships would not leave their cabin when passing through this area. During his voyage, Columbus witnessed sinking of a ship around San Juan. As this ship sank, a 20-cm (8 inches) tall, triangle-headed, one-eyed animal appeared. Columbus ordered his crew to capture and bring the animal to the ship. Columbus named this animal Diego. Diego was just a baby then.

According to legend, every once in a while, two parallel universes intersect at the Bermuda Triangle, and exchanges happen between the two universes. And each exchange brings a new Diego into our world every time a ship disappears. It is estimated that there are more than 100 Diego’s all around the world.

Diego loved his hero, Columbus. It grew older on Columbus’s ship. It set foot on land for the first time with Columbus. They have become very close friends. They traveled to Spain together. Diego traveled throughout Europe, too. It joined a large crew and a flotilla on its second voyage over the Atlantic. However, when they landed at the end of this voyage, Diego was devastated by the terrible treatment of natives by the Westerners. Diego just could not help but part ways with Columbus and his crew.

Diego moved to San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico. It built a small ship, and it fished for food. It lived in a deserted cottage for 40-some years. It missed the high seas and eventually got tired of loneliness. So, it determined to take on a new goal: To find all the other Diego’s on Earth… This would be its return to traveling around the world. Using Columbus’s fame, it managed to travel on board of commercial ships.

Diego is a calm and happy one. It likes fishing, and it only eats the fish that it caught. It likes watching documentaries. It loves photography, both taking pictures and its pictures to be taken.

Diego has been able to find only three other Diego’s so far. The four Diego’s are currently en route from Rio de Janeiro to Puerto Rico. They will be staying in Puerto Rico for a while…

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